5 Unwritten Home-Selling Etiquette Rules

There are some big do’s and don’t’s when selling your home. Here are a few unwritten etiquette rules to follow. Let us know if we can help you take your home from ???????????????? ???????????????????????? to ????????????????!

Don’t Take Offense

Don’t get offended when you r listing agent says your house “needs work”. We want you to sell the house quickly and for as much as possible.

Low-ball Offers

Don’t View Low-ball Offers as Insults. Someone who makes a low-ball offer might be testing the waters or trying to establish room to negotiate.

Respond Quickly

Respond Quickly to Offers. Most offers come with a deadline, but that doesn’t mean you should wait until that deadline to reply.

The Home Inspection

Don’t tag along during the Home inspection. Resist the urge and make yourself scarce. Let the inspector do his job.

Requests for Repairs

Agree to reasonable requests for repairs following the inspection. The buyer has a right to request repairs, or a deduction from the selling price.

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