5 Factors to Weigh When Deciding What Size Home to Buy

When buying a house, one of the biggest concerns is, “What size house should we purchase?” Obviously, price or affordability should be your #1 concern. However, here are 5 other factors that will help you decide.

What Are My Long-Term Needs?

Buy a home that will meet your future needs now.

Do I Really Want to Clean a Large House?

The larger the space, the more work is involved. If you;re a busy body or love to clean, then it’s possible that a large home is for you!

Will I Be Able to Furnish a Larger Home?

New furniture is a big expense. Make sure that you will be able to furnish your new home before making a decision about home size.

Can I Afford the Interior Maintenance?

The larger the home, the more maintenance you will most likely have.

Exterior Maintenance Concerns

Mowing a small yard is easy, but mowing a big yard can be tough…or pricey if you have to hire someone.

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